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The drug Rowasa contains mesalamine, which controls the actions of bodily substances that trigger the inflammatory response in the large intestine and rectal area. Doctors prescribe this medication to help patients who suffer from digestive problems of the lower intestine. The cost of Rowasa can go over $200 at some pharmacies, but you don’t have to pay full retail price. Get up to 48% off with patient assistance from FamilyWize. Download or print a Rowasa coupon and use it like you would a savings card for Rowasa: show it to your pharmacist when you fill your prescription to get up to 48% off the cost of your Rowasa prescription fill. Patient assistance is easy with FamilyWize – text, email, or print your Rowasa coupon today.

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About Rowasa

Rowasa is a drug that uses the topical effects of mesalamine to reduce inflammation, diarrhea, and tissue damage related to the conditions of ulcerative colitis, proctitis, and proctosigmoiditis. It can also help prevent ulcerative colitis from recurring. Its actions do not seem to be systemic but interact therapeutically on a topical level with substances that cause pain and discomfort with intestinal conditions.

Rowasa is a suppository medication that is intended to be taken rectally. Do not take this medication orally. Wash hands before and after inserting the suppository. Lie on your back with your knees toward your chest and gently insert the suppository into your rectum about one inch. Continue to lie down for a few minutes and wait for the suppository to melt. Try to hold in the medication all night, but wait at least one hour before using the bathroom.

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember to do so. If it is already almost time for your next dose, skip the dose you missed and continue your dosing schedule with the next dose. Do not take any extra medicine to make up for any doses you may have missed.

You may experience severe stomach pain or bloody diarrhea. If you suspect an overdose, get emergency medical attention or call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222.

Before taking Rowasa, tell your doctor if:

· You have liver disease

· You have kidney disease

· You have heart disease

· You have allergies to food, medication, or anything else

· You are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant

Use of Rowasa has been associated with common side effects such as rectal pain, mild nausea, dizziness, gas, fever, flu-like symptoms, acne, or mild rash. If you experience severe stomach pain, cramping, fever, headache, or bloody diarrhea, alert a physician as quickly as possible.

Keep Rowasa stored at a cool room temperature and make sure that it stays away from moisture and heat. Overexposure to heat or moisture may cause the medication to reduce in efficacy.


Do not take this medication orally. It is intended only for use as a suppository or enema. Discontinue use of this medication if you notice extreme stomach pain and cramping or you start to run a fever with headache and bloody diarrhea, as these may be signs of a serious and undesired effect.

Brand Names

Rowasa is the brand name of the generic mesalamine. It may be found under such brand names as Canasa, Canasa Pac, or sfRowasa. If you’ve been prescribed this medication to help control the pain and discomfort of ulcerative colitis or similar lower intestinal conditions, reduce the cost of Rowasa with patient assistance coupons from FamilyWize today.


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