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Neurontin is the brand name of the drug gabapentin, and is available as a pill (capsules or tablets) or an oral solution. The price of Neurontin varies according to strength, quantity, and formulation: a prescription of ninety, 300mg capsules costs between $335 and $365. While the cost can be quite high, we offer several types of Neurontin prescription assistance including a discount card and coupons. These discounts can lower the cost by as much as 78 percent off the retail price, making our Neurontin coupon a helpful form of patient assistance.

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About Neurontin

What is Neurontin?

The Neurontin drug is a Gamma Aminobutyric Acid/anticonvulsant used primarily in the treatment of epileptic seizures and nerve pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN). While it is not used for routine pain or pain from arthritis, there may be other uses for Neurontin for which your doctor may prescribe this medication, including diabetic neuropathy, treating hot flashes in menopausal women, or for those being treated for breast cancer. Bear in mind that Neurontin uses a specific formulation and other formulations or combinations cannot be used as a substitute for your prescribed Neurontin medication.

How do I take Neurontin?

Neurontin, whether in capsule, tablet, or solution form, is taken orally with or without food. If you are taking the oral solution, use a properly metered spoon for accuracy. It is recommended that you take you Neurontin medication at the same time every day, and that no more than twelve hours should pass between doses. The amount and frequent of the dosage will depend on the condition being treated. Because there are several uses for Neurontin, it is important to follow the instructions of your physician.

What if I forget to take a dose of Neurontin?

If you forget to take the scheduled dose of your Neurontin medication, take it as soon as you remember and are able. However, if the time is near for your next scheduled dose, forego the missed dose, and resume the regular regimen at the appropriate time. Do not take multiple doses of the Neurontin drug to make up for a missed dosage. If you miss multiple doses of this medication, contact your doctor or pharmacist for Neurontin prescription assistance.

What happens if I overdose on Neurontin?

If Neurontin use has resulted in an overdose, contact Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222. If the person has stopped breathing or collapsed, contact Emergency Services at 911. Signs of an overdose include slurring of speech, diarrhea, double vision, or drowsiness and require medical attention.

Before taking Neurontin, tell your doctor if:

  • You are allergic to gabapentin or any of the inactive ingredients found in the medication

  • You are taking other formulations of gabapentin

  • You are taking any medications, vitamins, or supplements, especially hydrocodone, naproxen, or any medication that make you drowsy or dizzy, including antihistamines

  • You are taking antacids, especially those whose formulation include aluminum or magnesium

  • You have, or have had, kidney disease

  • You are pregnant, plan to become pregnant, or are nursing

What are the possible side effects of taking Neurontin?

There have been several side effects reported by those taking Neurontin, including changes in appetite and weight, eye or vision problems, headache, shaking, pain or swelling in the joints, back, or limbs; constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting; anxiety, dizziness, confusion or loss of memory; flu-like symptoms or ear pain; weakness, feelings of being tired or drowsy. If any of these persist or worsen, contact your physician.

More severe side effects requiring immediate medical attention include anaphylaxis and related symptoms (swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue, and throat; difficulty swallowing or breathing), and seizures.

How do I store Neurontin?

Store Neurontin pills (whether tablets or capsules) in their original container. Keep it tightly sealed and out of the reach of children and away from extremes of temperature and humidity; do not freeze the oral solution. For Neurontin patient assistance when disposing of unused or expired quantities, consult your pharmacist.


If you are taking antacids containing magnesium or aluminum, wait at least two hours before taking Neurontin. Because Neurontin can induce dizziness or drowsiness, do not drive, operate heavy machinery, or use power tools until you are familiar with its effects. Before drinking alcohol while taking Neurontin, consult your physician. Inform you doctor if you become pregnant while taking this medication. Neurontin may produce a negative effect on urine tests; be sure to inform lab personnel if you are taking this medication.

Brand Names

Neurontin is the brand name of the generic drug gabapentin. Keeping the price of your medication under control is important for most consumers, and we offer numerous Neurontin discounts and coupons to help with this. Search our site for a discount card or coupon to take advantage of these savings.


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