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Cleocin is a prescription antibiotic drug commonly given to women to treat bacterial infections or other skin conditions. Available in a cream, suppository, and capsule form, the average price for Cleocin is around $120 for three suppositories at the pharmacy, although costs may vary depending on location. For some patients, the Cleocin cost might be covered by an insurance provider. If you are unable to afford this medication, a Cleocin coupon is available to help you save up to 97% of the total price from FamilyWize. This Cleocin discount coupon can be redeemed at most major US pharmacies and can be printed or downloaded by simply clicking ‘Claim Discount’ on our site.

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About Cleocin

What is Cleocin?

Cleocin’s active ingredient, clindamycin, is part of a group of medicines known as lincosamide antibiotics. This particular antibiotic works by blocking bacteria from producing proteins they need to reproduce and spread infection throughout out the body. It is important to note that women who are pregnant should not take Cleocin, and unnecessary use or misuse of any antibiotic can lead to an overall decrease in effectiveness.

How do I take Cleocin?

As with any antibiotic, it is important to take Cleocin as directed by your doctor. Most patients take the Cleocin drug four times a day at evenly spaced intervals, with or without food. Drink at least 8 ounces of water every time you take this medication, and avoid lying down for at least 10 minutes after each dose. Do not stop taking this drug until you have finished the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor, even if you feel better earlier. If you stop taking Cleocin too soon, you risk getting another bacterial infection that is more resistant to antibiotics.

What if I forget to take a dose of Cleocin?

It is best to take Cleocin at even intervals. However, if you do forget, take the missed dose as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for another dose (within a couple hours), skip the missed dose and continue with your normal dosage schedule. You should never double your dose to catch up.

What happens if I overdose on Cleocin?

If you believe that you or someone in your household has overdosed on this antibiotic, call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222. If the person who may have overdosed is experiencing severe side effects, go to the nearest emergency room.

Before taking Cleocin, tell your doctor if:

• You are allergic to this or any other medications • You are taking any other prescription or non-prescription drugs or supplements, especially non-depolarizing muscle relaxants, succinylcholine, or erythromycin • You have liver or kidney disease • You have a stomach or intestinal disease, or a history of bowel problems • You have asthma or hay fever • You have eczema • You are breastfeeding, pregnant, or trying to become pregnant

What are the possible side effects of taking Cleocin?

Some of the most commonly reported side effects of the Cleocin drug are mild diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Older adults may be at greater risk for certain side effects, including diarrhea. If you have any side effects that are persistent or become bothersome, inform your doctor. In rare cases, Cleocin may cause heartburn, jaundice, joint pain, change in amount or color of urine, change in vaginal discharge, or white patches in the mouth. If you have any of these side effects, tell your doctor right away.

How do I store Cleocin?

Keep the Cleocin drug in a tightly-sealed container, out of reach of any children or pets in your home. Store it at room temperature, away from humidity and bright light. Avoid storing it in the bathroom.


Cleocin is intended for short-term treatment of bacterial infections. If used for longer than prescribed, it may become less effective, and bacterial infections may become more resistant to antibiotics. While you are using Cleocin, your doctor may need to schedule lab tests to record blood cell counts, kidney function, and liver function.

Brand Name

Cleocin is a brand name drug. The generic equivalent, clindamycin, is typically cheaper. However, if you don’t have insurance coverage, it is worth comparing prices between clindamycin and Cleocin with a discount coupon applied. Because a FamilyWize coupon is good for up to 75% off, you may actually save more this way.


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