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Health and Wellness Newsletter - June, 2017

Stop paying so much for your prescriptions

Paying So Much for Your Prescriptions!

The price of your prescription medication varies from pharmacy to pharmacy, even if they’re on the same street in your town.

Use our Drug Price Look-Up Tool to compare prices of your prescription at nearby pharmacies:

  • Enter your drug name and zip code
  • View the FamilyWize price of your medication at each pharmacy near that zip code
  • Select the lowest price and go to that pharmacy with your FamilyWize card or mobile app
  • Show your card or app to your pharmacist so you receive the lowest possible price!

Start saving now by clicking on the button below:

Drug Price Lookup Tool

Quick Tips

Drug Price Lookup Tool

Prices vary from pharmacy to pharmacy. Use our Drug Price Look-Up Tool to see the FamilyWize price of your medications.
It’s quick & easy!


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