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How Does Our Card Work?

First, we negotiate discounts at most pharmacies nationwide. In return, we are able to offer you a lower price for your medications through our discount card. This is how our card is used:
  • 1Get our prescription discount card
  • 2Show your card at the pharmacy
  • 3Ask for the FamilyWize price

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Where Is This Card Accepted?

Our prescription discount card is accepted at all major retail pharmacies throughout the country and with most independent pharmacies as well. Whether it's the Walgreens down the street or the CVS around the corner, FamilyWize has partnered with a wide variety of pharmacy chains to provide you with the lowest price possible.

Can I See The Price Before Going to My Pharmacy?

Yes, with our Drug Price Lookup Tool you are able to see what the FamilyWize price is for your prescriptions. Whether you are shopping for 1 or multiple drugs, simply type in your drug name and zip code to see what you will pay with our prescription discount card. It's that easy!
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After losing my health insurance, a local pharmacist automatically used the FamilyWize discount card to process my prescription. My cost went from $180 to $37! Not only do I use the card for most prescriptions, I give the information to friends, family and my patients. Yes, I am a healthcare provider without insurance and the FamilyWize card has saved me quite a bit of money. I can not help but to share this information to anyone who does not have prescription coverage. It's all about giving back.
William, FL
Why are we asking for your information? 
We are always looking to increase the number of lives we touch with our prescription discount card. The information we look to gather from you is to give us a general idea of where our card is being used. Providing us your email address gives us the opportunity to stay in touch with you through our monthly newsletter. FamilyWize continues to improve on its mission of helping people, and so we make our discount card easy to get for you to save on your medications.

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