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Why The FamilyWize Card Makes Good Cents

By Kat Tretina


I heard about the FamilyWize card at least eight or nine years ago when I was working for a small non-profit. I had a small salary and terrible health insurance that didn't cover medications I needed for chronic health conditions—even simple stuff like allergies. I was paying hundreds of dollars every month for my prescriptions, and on an entry-level salary, it made it difficult to make ends meet. I was researching options about how to reduce my costs and came across the FamilyWize name.


With its free prescription savings card, FamilyWize made it possible to get my medications for much less, and gave me more breathing room in my monthly budget. For instance, one medication my insurance doesn’t cover was going to cost $400 out-of-pocket. But I used my FamilyWize card, and it was just $55. Over the years, I've used FamilyWize to fill prescriptions for allergy medications, antibiotics, and name-brand prescriptions. The cash price for those drugs was often hundreds of dollars, but with the FamilyWize discount card, I was able to save a lot of money. 


Now I work as a freelance finance writer, and I recommend FamilyWize to everyone (even on Twitter!). Recently, an acquaintance told me about how her son couldn't afford his Symbyax, a medication that is necessary for his mental health. The drug was nearly $300 in cash, but with FamilyWize, the price dropped to about $140. 


There is no downside to using FamilyWize. It's free to use and available to everyone. It takes just a few moments to download, and can save you hundreds of dollars. I can’t recommend enough!


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