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New Updates to the FamilyWize Medicine Cabinet Make Saving Your Prescription Information Even More Convenient

FamilyWize is excited to announce that new features have been added to the FamilyWize Medicine Cabinet. Now available both as a free online tool and a mobile app, the Medicine Cabinet helps you to better manage your family’s prescription drug costs, store important information about each prescription, and price compare across local pharmacies in your area.

A Powerful Prescription Drug Price Comparison Tool

The FamilyWize Medicine Cabinet makes it easy to store all of your family’s prescription information in one secure location. Use the Medicine Cabinet to:

With our latest updates, you can also use the FamilyWize mobile app to:

  • Set prescription refill reminders
  • Save dosage information for each prescription
  • Set and save your favorite local pharmacy for faster price checks
  • Receive a reminder to use your FamilyWize Prescription Discount Card every time you enter your favorite pharmacy

Keeping your family’s prescription drug information in one place enables you to save valuable time and money – without ever having to call or visit multiple pharmacies or conduct multiple online searches.

Manage All Your Prescriptions With One Tool

Imagine “Samantha,” a working mother juggling the healthcare purchases for herself, her husband, and their daughter, who was born with a heart condition. After her daughter’s most recent check-up, Samantha logs into the FamilyWize Medicine Cabinet.

She updates the dosage information on one of her daughter’s existing medications. Then she searches to check the price on a new drug prescribed by her daughter’s cardiologist. She discovers that it is a bit pricey at their current pharmacy, but she can save some money by going to a different pharmacy a few miles farther from home. She saves that drug in her Medicine Cabinet and decides to see how much money she can save overall by switching to the new pharmacy.

Moving forward, Samantha can rest assured that her Medicine Cabinet app will remind her when it is time for a refill of any of her family’s medications. And when she walks into her favorite pharmacy, she will always have the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card available in the app to save money at the pharmacy counter.

How to Get Started with the FamilyWize Medicine Cabinet

Creating your own Medicine Cabinet account is simple and free! Just sign up on our website or download the free FamilyWize mobile app , and you’re ready to go!

We’re continuously adding new features to the Medicine Cabinet based on user feedback, so keep an eye out for exciting updates that will be coming your way, including the ability to bundle prescriptions by pharmacy to see total cumulative costs prior to visiting the pharmacy.

Already use the FamilyWize Medicine Cabinet? Share your success story with us !

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