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Tips for Using the FamilyWize App

With the FamilyWize Prescription Savings Card anyone, insured or not, can save an average of 43% on the cost of their prescriptions. We understand that not everyone wants to carry a physical card with them to the pharmacy. No room in your wallet? No problem. Just download the FamilyWize app to start saving today!

These tips on how to download and use the app will ensure that you never pay full price for your prescriptions! The best part? The app is free for all devices!

Here’s how you can get started.
  1. First, find it! You can find the FamilyWize app in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Or, on our website, go to the Get Your Free Card page and click the Get the App link. The app is essentially a digital version of our prescription savings card. Simply hand your phone to the pharmacist every time you fill a prescription – you don’t need to print anything out. You’ll get immediate savings on your purchase, with or without health insurance.
  2. Locate a participating pharmacy. One of the main reasons people use the FamilyWize app is to find a participating pharmacy. The app makes this easy. Simply enter your preferred search location by zip code, and the app shows you which pharmacies nearby accept the FamilyWize card. 
  3. Widen your search to find the drug you need. If you don’t see the drug you need at your regular pharmacy, continue scrolling to see other pharmacies. Pharmacies will be listed in distance order – pharmacies closest to your zip code will appear first. 
  4. Compare prices around town! The Drug Price Lookup Tool is also available on the FamilyWize app, just like the website! The same drug can sometimes vary in price dramatically – especially brand versus generic formulations. The Price Lookup lets you easily compare drug prices at nearby pharmacies, so that you’re certain you’re always paying the lowest price. You can also click over for more information on a pharmacy, including the address, phone number, and other nearby locations.
  5. Get Fido and Mittens in on the savings too! Your FamilyWize card can be used for every member of your family, including pets. Use the app to save on their prescriptions too! 
  6. Share the savings. The app makes it easy for you to share the savings with others. You can easily send a card to someone via email, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 
  7. Manage your Walgreens prescription. If Walgreens is your preferred pharmacy, the app makes it easy to manage your prescriptions. As long as you have your prescription number, you can refill an existing Walgreens prescription via the app. If you don’t currently use Walgreens for your prescriptions, that’s okay! You can use the app to transfer a current prescription to Walgreens with just your first name, last name, date of birth, phone number, current pharmacy phone number, and a photo of your pill bottle.
Cost should not prevent you from taking the medications you need to stay healthy. The FamilyWize prescription discount app is free and no activation is required to start using it. The FamilyWize app is just one more way for you to quickly and easily manage the costs of your prescriptions every time you visit the pharmacy. Download the app today!
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