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How to Find Prescription Discounts Without Insurance NEXT ARTICLE 

How to Find Prescription Discounts Without Insurance

The loss of health insurance can be an extremely stressful event for any family. It is estimated that just over 12 percent of Americans currently lack health insurance and that number is expected to go up over the next few years as federal regulations change.

If you or your family are currently without health insurance, or if you have a plan that has particularly high copays, there are still ways for you to lower the cost of your prescription medications.

Getting Prescription Drug Discounts Without Health Insurance

Here are some money-saving options to consider the next time you’re headed to the pharmacy:

Sign up for a free prescription discount card

A prescription discount card is just what it sounds like, a free program that provides you with a card (or an app) to use at the pharmacy to lower the price of your Rx medications. Each program is a little different, but most work by negotiating with pharmacies for lower prices on brand and generic medications, and then passing those discounts along to patients. Download the free FamilyWize card, or get our mobile app, to start saving an average of 45 percent on prescriptions.

Speak with your doctor about other medication options

If you have concerns about affording your treatment, it pays to speak up. Many physicians are very familiar with a wide variety of ways to help you cut costs, whether that may be switching to a generic drug, a different dosage plan, or other options. Asking never hurts!

Compare prices at local pharmacies

Most people are unaware that different pharmacies may charge different prices for the same drug. Before you fill your prescription, take a few minutes to compare Rx prices across local pharmacies.

Look for manufacturer coupons and discount programs

The manufacturers of many brand name drugs provide online or printable coupons for their products. Some also have patient assistance programs designed to help underinsured individuals afford the prescriptions they need. To find options for your situation, begin with an online search for your medication’s website.

Ask before considering pill splitting

In some specific cases, splitting pills or tablets can be a safe way to save money on your prescriptions. In other cases, it is a very risky behavior. To see if it might be an option for you, speak with your doctor and your pharmacist.

Rest assured that no matter what your insurance status, if you are concerned about affording your medications, there are actions you can take to lower the cost of your prescriptions.

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