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6 Strategies for Staying Fit When Life Is Crazy

Sometimes, life gets crazy. We’ve all been there! But whether you are surviving the busy season at work or pulling an all-nighter to finish a project at home, it is possible to stay fit even when your calendar is overflowing.

6 Strategies for Staying Fit When Life is Crazy

1. Plan ahead

Start by making sure that your calendar is as complete as possible, adding in every family function, school event, and social outing during your busy season. Next, pencil in your workouts and make a list of everything you need to do to make those workouts happen. Buy healthy snacks? Discuss childcare with your partner? Lay out your winter running clothes the night before? You know that your schedule will change, so you can’t rely on your existing routines – planning in advance is the only way to go.

2. Multitask (carefully!)

Within reason, making every moment count by doing two things at once can be a good strategy for fitting in workouts when you’re busy. Involve your kids in your workout to make fitness time quality time – or invite your friends to work out with you and make it social time. Need to accomplish some reading for work? Do it on the treadmill.

3. Be flexible

Is working out three times a week for hour-long gym sessions your norm? Maybe switching to daily 20-minute power sessions at home will temporarily be a better fit for your schedule. Finding that you just can’t fit in your daily run? Try swapping in a few Zumba classes and a yoga class when your partner can watch the kids instead. You aren’t giving up your routine; you are just being flexible during a busy time.

4. Maintain your foundation

Part of what makes a busy season so exhausting is that we skip basic self-care. Sure, shaving a few minutes off of your sleep or indulging in unhealthy meals is no big deal for one week. But when it extends to a full month, your physical health will likely take a few steps backwards. Strive for seven to eight hours of sleep every night, stay hydrated, wash your hands, and try to eat a varied diet with a lot of fruits and vegetables. This will help you feel more balanced and more motivated to stay fit.

5. Involve loved ones

Make fitness part of the equation when it comes to friends and family! Sign up for a holiday 5k with your in-laws. Take a yoga class with your sister. Have your kids help you make a salad to bring to the potluck. You will set a fantastic example for your family.

6. Embrace the weather (or not!)

When possible, try not to limit yourself to indoor-only workout options. Especially when you’re busy, looking for opportunities to work out wherever you are can help you take advantage of the time that you have. Dropping your child off at soccer practice? Take the time to go for a walk around the field. Outside on a snowy day? Remember that ice skating and sled riding burn calories too! If you prefer to work out inside, there are plenty of options, no matter how much time or space you have. Check out our suggestions on our Pinterest board for at-home workouts .

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