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4 Tips for Saving Money on Your Pet’s Medications

Being a pet owner is rewarding but an added expense. In fact, Americans spend an average of $126.19 every month on their pets, according to a recent survey of over 1,000 pet owners. If your pet takes a medication, you may be spending even more than that. Looking to save? Here are four tips for saving on your pet’s medications.

Ways To Save on Pet Medications

  1. Compare and choose a reputable pharmacy

    Not all pharmacies will be able to supply all medications, and like human drugs, they may charge different prices for the same products. Start by asking a trusted veterinarian which local pharmacies they recommend. Then compare medication prices to see which one will give you the best deal on the prescriptions your pets need.

    If you choose to use an online pharmacy, do your research. Unfortunately, there are many scams involving fake medications or illegal business practices. The FDA has issued guidelines for selecting a safe, legitimate online pharmacy for pet meds.

  2. Decide if pet insurance is right for you

    No matter what species or breed, at some point over your pet’s life they may incur medical costs. Those costs can range from emergency surgery after a serious injury, to maintenance medications during the last years of your pet’s life. If affording that treatment may be difficult, purchasing pet insurance is an option to consider. The American Veterinary Medical Association has published guidelines to help pet owners decide if they need pet insurance.

  3. Sign up for a free prescription discount card

    A prescription discount card is just what it sounds like, a free program that provides you with a card ( or an app ) to use at the pharmacy to lower the price of prescriptions. They work for many pet medications too!

    Each program is a little different, but most work by negotiating with pharmacies for lower prices on your medications, then passing those discounts along to you – completely for free. Pet owners with a discount prescription card from FamilyWize save an average of 45 percent on Rx medications.

  4. Search for coupons

    Just like drugs meant for humans, there are often coupons available to help consumers afford brand name prescription medications for pets. A quick internet search for the name of the drug can turn up printable manufacturer coupons, warehouse club deals, and other discounts.

    It is almost always possible to save money on the medicine that your beloved pets need to stay happy and healthy.

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